MBF Child Safety Matters Program Expands to Ohio

The Monique Burr Foundation for Children’s MBF Child Safety Matters™ program is expanding to Dayton, Ohio. A research–based, comprehensive, bullying and child abuse prevention education program, it was developed to empower children to help adults keep them safe from bullying, cyberbullying and all types of child abuse and is approved in 58 counties throughout Florida.

CARE House is honored to implement the MBF Child Safety Matters™ in Dayton,” said Denise Jenkins. “This program is being met with enthusiasm by administration, facilitators, classroom teachers and children.” Jenkins is a prevention specialist at Dayton’s CARE House, a child advocacy center. Through a generous grant from The Health Path Foundation of Ohio, CARE House became the site for the first national pilot of the program.

The pilot will span two school years beginning in Montgomery County and expanding to include Warren County and Greene County.

The Monique Burr Foundation was founded in Jacksonville, Fla., by Edward E. Burr. Currently chairman of the board of directors, he said, “Demand for this proven program outside of Florida validates our belief that the MBF Child Safety Matters™ program can be easily implemented and help prevent child abuse, bullying and other types of victimization.”

The MBF Child Safety Matters™ program was independently evaluated in 2015 by Florida State University and found to be very effective in teaching children safety knowledge.

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