Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do kids really need to know this information at such a young age?
A. Although it may seem like some of the concepts presented to students are advanced for their age, the program was created based on child development research, and is age and developmentally appropriate. The reality is that many kids have already heard about the concepts discussed. In fact abuse occurs most often in younger children, and online exploitation begins at very young ages. Symantec did a study of children’s online search habits and found that the word “porn” was the fourth most frequently searched word by children 7 and younger. We need to educate children with knowledge and strategies to help protect themselves from the dangers they face today.

Q. How do I make sure the program is in my child’s school?
A. Ask your principal or school counselor if they are using the program. If not, either have them contact us or you can fill out the information form here and we will contact them.

Q. What if I don’t want the school talking to my children about sex or other sensitive topics?
A. We understand that parents want to remain the authority in their children’s lives on such sensitive topics and have made every effort to ensure this. The MBF Child Safety Matters™ program does not address “sex” and is not a sex education class. While there are some sensitive topics addressed, they are done so in a developmentally appropriate and fun manner by educated professionals. This is better than perpetrators or ill-intentioned friends trying to “teach” kids about these things, which may lead to abuse.