Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get the program?
A. You must be a Certified Facilitator to order materials and present the lessons to students. Training options are available to become certified. Learn more here.

Q. How is the program offered/presented and what does it consist of?
A. The Kindergarten through Sixth Grade curriculum is delivered to facilitators on a Flash Drive that contains scripts and classroom presentations. Program and reinforcement materials are shipped directly to the school by our partner. The facilitator presents two age-appropriate lessons to each class using the PowerPoint presentation and script. Additionally, there are reinforcement items such as Safe Adult Bookmarks, Parent Magnets, and Safety Connection Materials for parents including a Parent Welcome & Opt-Out, and Parent Information and Reinforcement Sheets. There are additional take-home reinforcement items for students such as pencils (Kindergarten through Fifth Grade), stickers (Kindergarten and First Grade), backpack tags (Second Grade), pencil pouches (Third Grade), wristbands (Fourth Grade), pen/stylus combos (Fifth and Sixth Grade), and pen/highlighter combos (Sixth Grade).

Q. What if I don’t have time to present the lessons to all classes?
A. We hope that you will find the time to present the lessons to all students to ensure they all receive this critical safety information, however we also understand that it might be impractical for you to reach every student and support your efforts to reach any students. You may order materials for just the grades you anticipate presenting to, or you may order materials for all grades and seek out blocks of time to get into additional grades and classes.

Q. Can I combine classes to present the lessons?
A. We ask that you please not combine classrooms as the nature of some of the discussions might cause students to limit their participation if they are around unfamiliar students or in too large a group.

Q. How far apart should lessons 1 and 2 be presented?
A. Best practice is at least one to two weeks and no more than six weeks. Presenting within this timeframe allows the opportunity for repetition and helps ensure students don’t forget the concepts learned in lesson 1, such as the Safety Rules, etc.

Q. What about parents being educated and informed, how do we include them?
A. There is information and reinforcement materials included for parents with each lesson. Additionally, if your school chooses to use it, there is a Parent Welcome & Opt-Out form you can use prior to implementing lessons which helps inform parents about the program. (Most school districts use an opt out although some districts have mandated the program.) The Safety Connection: Parent Information and Reinforcement sheets that go home with students, highlight information about what children learned and what parents can do to reinforce that learning. There is also an activity for parents to do with their children. There are also supplemental materials, such as a Safety Matters Information PowerPoint, available on the Facilitator Flash Drive to assist with engaging and educating parents.